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Early Settlers Files

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The Early Settlers Files contain information submitted to the Society on people who were in Santa Clara County by 1925. They include fact sheets from patrons, news clippings, obituaries and funeral notices, books, photos, and other materials. Typically, the information has been donated to the Society by non-professional researchers who had an interest in a particular family. So, the files vary greatly in the amount and type of information.

The files and the indexes are the product of an ongoing effort, spanning three decades. Thanks go to the donors and to the volunteer indexers.

This index provides a link between the Early Settlers and their survivors, ancestors, and anyone else mentioned in the submitted material. It lists all names in the files alphabetically.

   A    Ba-Bj    Bl-By    Ca-Cc    Ce-Cn    Co-Cz    D    E    F

   Ga-Gj    Gl-Gy    Ha-He    Hi-Hy    I-J    K    L

   Ma-Ma    Mc-Me    Mi-Mz    N    O    Pa-Pe    Pf-Py    Q    Ra-Ri    Ro-Ry

   Sa-Sc    Se-Sn    So-Sz    T    U-V    W-X    Y-Z

Researching the Early Settlers Files

The Early Settlers Files are in the Heritage Pavilion at the Santa Clara Central Library. The Files are accessible for viewing and copying during all hours that the library is open. Some of the files have too much information to copy and will have a notation on the folder saying "See master file for more info" - this means you need to have the consultant or a reference librarian bring up the master copy of that folder from the genealogy workroom. Those who are unable to visit the library may request that the Society's Research Team search the file for specific information, by filing out the research request form found here. Please give the Early Settler File name NOT the Associated Name when making the request.

Early Settlers Submission

If you would like to submit or update your ancestor please complete the Early Settler Form here or a Family Group Sheet from your computer genealogy software and mail to us at: SCCHGS, c/o Santa Clara City Library. 2635 Homestead Road, Santa Clara CA, 95051


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