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SCCHGS is proud to provide frequent classes, seminars and speakers on both local history and genealogy topics. Our volunteers offer free consulting and low-cost research services and continue to index local genealogical records not available elsewhere. Please explore this site to see all of these great resources and more.

Our general meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month. Check below for time, location, and registration requirements for specific events.

Upcoming Events

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Have you thought about testing your DNA but did not know which test to do? Or, are you one who has tested your DNA, but you don’t know how to use the tools to break through your brick wall? Patricia Burrow will give a basic introduction into DNA testing, covering the four different DNA types. Not sure which company to use to test your DNA? Pat will cover the top three companies to show you what is available from each company and will discuss their strong points and weaknesses. Pam Fujii will walk you through her case study on how she used all three companies. Pam will show you the tools she used to find new family members. We guarantee when you leave the session, you will be thinking of DNA testing in a whole new light!
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What is documentation? This class will explain what a “source” is and how to document it. We will also explore the organization of your genealogy materials. View how seasoned genealogists organize their materials. We will also review some of the different genealogy reports to help you analyze your findings. Looking for a Genealogy Program for your computer? You will learn what to look for when choosing a computer program.
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Because so many immigrants into the United States first passed through Canada and may have left family members there in the process, we need to be aware of records available for those family members and how to find them. Research skills involved in this process are valuable for pursuing ancestors all over the planet and as an expert also in Project Management, Christine can help us find what we need and manage what we find. Christine Bell Green, a graduate of the Genealogical Studies program at the University of Toronto, also completed an Advanced Genealogy and Advanced DNA Analysis Program at the Genealogy Research Institute of Pittsburgh. Dr. Green also earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry using research skills and methodology that undoubtedly has helped her in her current career. Currently, she teaches genealogy in Palo Alto and at the Mountain View/Los Altos Adult Schools.

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